The Tall Tail of Woofer Cookers

Somewhere on the picturesque Canadian West Coast, a group of rabid young animals came together, drawn by the crazy glitched-out sounds all over the neighbourhood.
“We’ve hit a goldmine of dopeness!” chuckled the beaver.
“Sounds like a fine meal, let’s get cookin’!” the squirrel chattered.
“I’ll come up with a recipe!” yelped the seal.
"I’ll write it down!” screeched the monkey.
They began to sift through the vast local talent pool and found an overabundance of fresh, cutting-edge beats from innovative new artists. What it all had in common was a propensity for being glitchy, bass-heavy, finely edited and well-crafted.
And from this zoo getting hyphy, Woofer Cookers was born.

Featured Artist DJ Mix: Glitchy & Scratchy - The Weather Report

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More About Woofer Cookers ...

Woofer Cookers, a brand new nonprofit label run by artists, for artists, is dedicated to releasing tracks that not only get your feet on the dancefloor but zap your brain into action. Tired of generic wobble, we pledge to bring you the unusual, the melodic, the beautifully discordant and above all the highest quality tunes. And not years after they’re created – we serve up your platter piping hot and fresh from its creator’s kitchen.

We also believe in freedom. A companion site to online community Glitch Hop Forum, it showcases original music and merchandise with all proceeds going 100% to the artist or creating entity. As many tasty beats as we sell, we’ll also cook up the occasional free dessert. Like GlitchHopForum – built by us to connect this awesome new global community. Or our regular free downloads.

Get ready for the most bass-thumpin’ meals of your life.

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